Zen Shiatsu – I use the table form of Zen Shiatsu that I studied with Harold Dull, originator of Watsu (Water Shiatsu). Many people find it relaxing and yet energizing. Please wear loose, knit clothing.

$85 50 minutes

Intra-Oral Neuromuscular Massage for TMJ – Using the St. John’s methodology for TMJ treatment, results are swift and lasting. This gentle and surprisingly relaxing therapy can help align the jaw, reduce grinding and clenching, help singers keep a relaxed jaw and thereby improve range.

$80 50 minutes

Tibetan Bowl Relaxation Therapy · Our physical bodies are built for sound. Deep vibrations from the bowls literally pass through each cell in your body to gently cajole the body/mind into a theta state of relaxation. This treatment is a blend of Marie’s musicianship and healing arts background. A one of a kind session designed just for you, we first briefly discuss what you would like to achieve from the session.  Together we will design your ideal session for renewing, reinventing, and re-emerging more healthily and happily into your lifestream.

$85 50 minutes